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Grzegorz Królikiewicz

Above all, he was an artist exceptionally immersed in Polish history and, more broadly, historiosophy. Almost all of his works refer to the past, which when properly presented, becomes a signpost and a point of reference for contemporary people in their choices.

Królikiewicz's life motto

„I work for the future”

"This movie has drilled us all. There was nothing better in Polish cinema.”

Krzysztof KrauzeAbout the movie „Na wylot” aka „Through and Through”

"I remember an all-night discussion with great girls, students from Wrocław, who could not believe that we really have someone like Herzog or Von Trier in Poland. I think, in fact, that if Von Trier had watched "Through and Through", he would have died of shame.”

Łukasz Maciejewskion the

Today, after the death of Grzegorz Królikiewicz, we have created an archive so that all his works will be preserved and available. Today his films are an invaluable trace of the times in which he lived. They contain reminiscences of the war, an in-depth analysis of communism, as well as reflection on independent Poland and the time after transformation.

He was a witness of the times. An artist who looked deeper, commented on reality. A committed citizen. An extraordinary unit. An original artist who was going his own way.

“The author of widely commented TV shows – with the legendary “Constitution of May 3” at the forefront, directed in the golden period of his career in the 1970s – provoked not only as a director, but also as a character. Królikiewicz aroused fear and mockery. He was controversial in good and bad sense of the word. He offended not only the authorities (with which he later flirted equally willingly), but also the viewers who could not accept his style – Królikiewicz never seemed to care about winning the favor of the crowds, he was satisfied with a small group of devoted fanatics.”

[Łukasz Maciejewski]

In front of the camera, the gray-haired Pekosiński in person, leaning on a cane, recreates his past as a child of war. He tells how the party and the Church fought for his soul and how no one managed to break him. Behind the walls of his cramped studio apartment undergo successive historical turmoil, but he continues his story, which is, in a sense, the story of the Polish “Everyone”.

[Roman Pawłowski: przypadek Królikiewicza,,75475,1480417.html#ixzz3oUAALWZS]
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In Poland, after the transformation, his work proved too difficult, too rough to compete with commercial productions. The need to earn money with viewers, commercials, as well as political arrangements excluded Królikiewicz – his films were not intended for crowds. And yet The Case of Pekosiński (pol. Przypadek Pekosińskiego) and Neighbors (pol. Sąsiady) were appreciated by critics.

He also did not stop making documentaries. He created for the elite – all the more reason to keep his works in an era when everything is for sale, when it is important to sell as much as possible. The works of Królikiewicz, today and in the future, will turn out to be unique, exceptional in comparison with contemporary mass culture.

Grzegorz Królikiewicz
  • 1978
    • Golden Grape
      Łagów (LLF) Festival
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Grzegorz Królikiewicz
  • 1974
    • Zbyszek Cybulski's Award
      weekly magazine "Ekran"
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Franciszek Trzeciak
    • Don Kichot
      Award of the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Grzegorz Królikiewicz
  • 1973
    • Best Director's debut
      The Golden Camera Award from "Film" magazine
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Grzegorz Królikiewicz
    • FIPRESCI Award
      Mannheim (MTF) Festival
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Grzegorz Królikiewicz
    • Best Music
      Łagów (LLF) Festival
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Henryk Kuźniak, Janusz Hajdun
    • Best Actor in a Leading Role
      Łagów (LLF) Festival
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Franciszek Trzeciak
    • Best Sound
      Łagów (LLF) Festival
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Janusz Hajdun
    • Josef von Sternberg's Award
      Josef von Sternberg's Award
      "Na wylot" aka "Through and Through"
      Grzegorz Królikiewicz

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